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anna-magee_2801447bLooking for a new way to lose weight this new year? Here is everything you need to know about the Paleo Diet and why it is the next best thing that ever happened to your New Year’s Resolution.
This new diet is all about the old diet that people are used to. (you didn’t see that coming!) The Paleo Diet got its name from the diet that made the cavemen, stone-age people survive for years. This is the most famous diet today because it is pretty simple – all you need to remember is to eat what the caveman would eat.
When you decide to take the paleo plunge, you have got to prepare yourself to give up eating some of your most favourite foods, including the slice of cake after dinner or the ice cream treat when you are feeling down. Keep in mind that the Paleo is the diet of the caveman and no caveman would ever be seen eating pizza or burger or any of those sweet treats.
The paleo diet will make you eat meat to your heart’s content. Other diet plans will make you quit eating meat and stick to the greens, but the paleo is different. Since the cavemen survived for years through hunting, meat is definitely included in the paleo food list. The only difference is that you have to stick to those that are organically grown. After all, your body needs rest from all those chemically-ingested meat.
Do you love the greens? How come your regular diet does not include them? If you are wondering why you are not losing as much weight as you expect to although you have tried so hard, then you must be surprised to know that it is the greens that you are missing. The paleo will remind you how greatly important it is to eat veggies.
Are you tired of counting calories every time you eat? Who wouldn’t be, right? It takes away the joy from eating your favourite foods. With the Paleo diet, you don’t have to count calories, because your body will tell you if you’ve had enough. You will only be eating what your body needs, thus it will only be absorbing the nutrients that it needs, paving the way for weight loss.
The paleo diet is premised on the idea that cavemen did not suffer weight problems because of their diet. Modern-day men suffer from a lot of diet-induced diseases like diabetes, obesity, and even cancer because of their diet. With the paleo diet, your body will go through a natural cleansing, so you can get away with the negative effects of chemically grown foods.
Perhaps the best and the least known fact about the Paleo diet is that its main aim is not to make people lose weight. Instead, it aims to make the modern day human body thrive on its own with supplements from only the healthiest bunch of food. The real secret behind the weight loss is when the human body gets to absorb only the nutrients while it burns all the unnecessary fats. Now that covers everything about the paleo.

5 Health Lessons You Should Know From The Paleo

cooking-on-paleoWhen is eating like our ancestors became so fashionable? If you are eating like a hunter or a gatherer, you are more likely in the bandwagon of what is truly fashionable healthy. It doesn’t mean that you have to go into the woods and hunt or gather some veggies and fruits. You can still buy everything that you need from the grocery or the wet market. The only difference is that you will be more aware of which to choose to buy and which not to.
While the paleo diet may be popular to many, there is still a bigger portion of the population who remain unaware of what healthy eating is all about. The critics of the diet also ask about how the paleo can help in losing weight when it is all meat-heavy. The truth of losing weight is not about what you eat and what you don’t want to eat. After all, you gained all the extra weight because you ate too much of something that your body didn’t need. If you ate meat, a rich source of protein, your body will absorb the meat and turn it into muscle mass.  More muscle mass could only mean higher metabolism rate, which means burning fat more.
More importantly, the paleo diet helps people by educating them on the five basic principles of achieving and keeping a healthy body. Here they are in a list:
Processed Foods should not be part of your modern-day diet.
But it is. Everyone knows that processed foods come with particular risks on one’s health, but people eat them anyway because they’re enticed to include them in your diet. More than being part of the Paleo list of what to eat foods, the veggies and fruits and the healthy cuts of meat should all be part of the basic nutritional diet of everyone for its health benefits.
Get yourself fit with proper exercise.
The paleo diet will not be able to bring about faster, most evident results if you do not pair it up with proper exercise. While some sports can be considered as sports for fitness, it is still best to engage in more outdoor activities that can make you more active. The idea is to incorporate exercise into your regular schedule and make it part of your regular fitness routine until it becomes a part of the lifestyle.
Use salt moderately.
Because processed foods use too much salt than you should be consuming, it is best to stay away from them. More importantly, if you can limit your salt intake, as it lessens the ability of the body to shed off pounds. A low-sodium diet may make your food seem all too bland, just think of the benefits that come with less salt and higher metabolism rate.
Say hello to good fats.
Did you know that the foods included in the paleo diet come with fats too? The only difference is that the fats that avocados and lean meat includes are good for the body. They are not like trans fat that will stay in your body.
Learn to cook.
Not everyone will be on a diet that you are, so learn to cook for yourself. Not only will it be another useful skill, but it can keep you from consuming what is not good for your body.

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The Benefits Of The Paleo Diet

paleoHave you tried the Paleo Diet yet? Perhaps when you’ve learned about it, you too were enticed to give it a try. Indeed the “primal” kind of eating has made waves in the health and diet industry. It has encouraged a lot of people to get back to shape minus all the cost of weight loss treatment pills or surgery of some sort. The Paleo Diet earned its name from the idea that it will basically allow u to eat anything we want, as long as it adheres to the diet our ancestors used to follow.
The human diet has gone through a lot of changes to reach its modern state. Along with the evolution came the change in the human concept of eating. From eating for nutrients to eating for pleasure, humans have changed the way they think about why they eat. This very change in concept has brought about a lot of lifestyle diseases that shorten the lives of many people, not to mention the great pain that they have to go through with the diseases lurking behind.
So when the Paleo Diet came into the picture, the only thing that it had in mind was to teach modern-day humans to shun away from their modern-day diet and go back to the basics. With the basic diet came good health. Because it does not include foods that contain high sugar levels and trans fat, people can go through eating without worrying about gaining more and shedding off less. The paleo diet promises for a leaner and healthier version of yourself.
Perhaps the best benefit that comes with the paleo diet is that it teaches you to choose the foods that you eat. It will show you which food groups you need and which ones you just want. Sometimes, the body tells you that it needs more, not because you were eating less, but because you were not eating the food that it needs. All those foods that you consider as part of your basic diet as a modern-day human may not be basic at all. Some of them might simply fall under the foods that you want. After reading all of these, the only question you have left about its benefits is whether or not the paleo diet is worth a try.
There will be no convincing right here. All that is left for you to do is to read about the Paleo facts that will turn you into a believer after:
60 million years ago, people ate a lot, but most of them stayed fit. This is primary due to the fact that they only ate veggies and fruits that make up 2000 calories each day.
25 million years ago, people only had the basic tools for survival. It has helped them develop to become hunters and gatherers and that’s how they found food that helped them survive.
10 million years ago, humans learned the art of agriculture and since then, their diet has included more greens and colorful fruits.
What else is there to doubt about the benefits of the paleo diet, when all the facts state that going back to basics is the secret to becoming healthier.

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