Paleo Diet: What To Eat?

foodphoto006If you are trying to lose weight, you must have stumbled upon the Paleo Diet. You must have read a lot of people and their success stories through the Paleo Diet and so you try to look into how this type of diet can be different from the other diets you have tried (and failed). At a glance, you might think it is much like the others that promised to help you achieve your ideal weight, but when you take a closer look, you will realize that there is nothing about it that is like the others.
The Paleo diet is very simple. There is a general principle that will guide you in choosing the foods to eat and the foods to avoid eating. It is can be pretty easy to remember too – the Paleo Diet is all about going back to the basics and sticking to it. In passing, here are some foods that should be included in your Paleo Diet:
Meat (from grass-fed cattle)
Seafood (fish in particular)
Organic Vegetables and Fruits
Seeds and Nuts
Olive Oil
The first steps to the switch to the Paleo Diet can be quite a challenge. The usual blandness of the dishes may need a little of getting used to, but when you stick to it, the benefits that you will reap will be worth the wait. Not only will you shed off pounds, but you will definitely be able to keep those pounds off. More than that, it is the self-discipline that the diet teaches you that will convince you that it is definitely a good decision to give the Paleo diet a try. It teaches you the value of the basics and why going back to the basics is the only way to get yourself back into shape.
People who have weight problems are those that indulge themselves in the dishes listed below:
Refined sugar
Dairy products
Processed foods
Refined oils
Are you guilty of eating any of those foods on the list? Who isn’t? Because most of us are guilty about indulging in all these delicious treats, the Paleo Diet reminds us that eating, even a little, of any of these foods in the list could cause your health harm that will last a lifetime. Now, before you dread this diet plan and go back to your old routine that made you unhealthy and fat, here are some tips to help you squeeze the Paleo way into your regular routine without actually feeling it:
Eat a Paleo omelette for breakfast. Add a few more ingredients like mushrooms, tomatoes, and broccoli. Saute these ingredients using olive oil and voila, you’ve got your Paleo omelette.
Squeeze in a veggie and fruit salad for lunch. Soon, you will get used to the greens and you won’t be eating meat less and less.
For dinner, you can go for a pasta dish, but instead of all the meat, you can substitute it with squash and it will still taste as good. Obviously, it is a bit on the healthier side too.

Paleo Diet: Learning More About It

1200-22168614-woman-in-kitchenHow many diet programs have you tried in the past? How many of them made you lose the extra pounds you’ve been worried about? How many have made you feel like a total loser? The answer to this question is pretty simple – if the diet programs you have tried in the past have made you successful, there is nothing about the Paleo Diet that will make you want to try. But since you still have that weight problem with you, you are looking at how the Paleo Diet can help bring the difference in your life.
Indeed, the agricultural and industrial revolution has paved the way for more food options for humans. However, the availability of such food options has also paved the way for more calories into the human body. It is no surprise that a lot of people are battling with unwanted calories in their body. And instead of looking at what caused the weight to become a problem, everyone is looking for the fastest solution to lose them.
Perhaps this is what sets the Paleo Diet apart from all the diet plans you have tried in the past. Instead of making you eat less, the Paleo Diet will advise you to eat to your heart’s content. The only difference is that it has a set of food options that you could eat. It includes a hearty serving of organically grown meat, vegetables and fruits. It also includes you favourite seeds and nuts. The truth about the Paleo Diet is that it makes you eat what you want to eat. What it changes in you are the foods that you look at as options.
The mistake that people make in the past with the regular diet plans that they follow is the fact that they eat what they eat, even if their body requires something else. Paleo Diet is based on the assumption that people eat foods that do not match what their body needs. So instead of gaining the nutrients that their body needs, they are gaining more weight. And instead of feeling full, people tend to eat more, because their bodies do not recognize the nutrients (if there are any) from the food they just consumed.
Most modern health problems that people suffer from today like diabetes, cancer and heart conditions are all products of their unhealthy lifestyle. Humans fail to recognize that apart from stress, their unhealthy diet is the very reason why they are getting sick more often and all too easily. This is the very thought that fueled the Paleo diet. If humans would only go back to consuming what their body needs and not give in to what they think their body wants, they can gain back the body that they want, shed off unwanted pounds and achieve the perfectly healthy condition they dream about.
The food that you eat is what makes you sick. Choose to eat the foods in the Paleo Diet plan and be amazed by how better you will feel. When you choose to change what you eat, it won’t matter how much of it you eat. Your body will naturally tell you to stop.

The Benefits Of The Paleo Diet

paleoHave you tried the Paleo Diet yet? Perhaps when you’ve learned about it, you too were enticed to give it a try. Indeed the “primal” kind of eating has made waves in the health and diet industry. It has encouraged a lot of people to get back to shape minus all the cost of weight loss treatment pills or surgery of some sort. The Paleo Diet earned its name from the idea that it will basically allow u to eat anything we want, as long as it adheres to the diet our ancestors used to follow.
The human diet has gone through a lot of changes to reach its modern state. Along with the evolution came the change in the human concept of eating. From eating for nutrients to eating for pleasure, humans have changed the way they think about why they eat. This very change in concept has brought about a lot of lifestyle diseases that shorten the lives of many people, not to mention the great pain that they have to go through with the diseases lurking behind.
So when the Paleo Diet came into the picture, the only thing that it had in mind was to teach modern-day humans to shun away from their modern-day diet and go back to the basics. With the basic diet came good health. Because it does not include foods that contain high sugar levels and trans fat, people can go through eating without worrying about gaining more and shedding off less. The paleo diet promises for a leaner and healthier version of yourself.
Perhaps the best benefit that comes with the paleo diet is that it teaches you to choose the foods that you eat. It will show you which food groups you need and which ones you just want. Sometimes, the body tells you that it needs more, not because you were eating less, but because you were not eating the food that it needs. All those foods that you consider as part of your basic diet as a modern-day human may not be basic at all. Some of them might simply fall under the foods that you want. After reading all of these, the only question you have left about its benefits is whether or not the paleo diet is worth a try.
There will be no convincing right here. All that is left for you to do is to read about the Paleo facts that will turn you into a believer after:
60 million years ago, people ate a lot, but most of them stayed fit. This is primary due to the fact that they only ate veggies and fruits that make up 2000 calories each day.
25 million years ago, people only had the basic tools for survival. It has helped them develop to become hunters and gatherers and that’s how they found food that helped them survive.
10 million years ago, humans learned the art of agriculture and since then, their diet has included more greens and colorful fruits.
What else is there to doubt about the benefits of the paleo diet, when all the facts state that going back to basics is the secret to becoming healthier.

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